Cesar Gourmet Filets in Sauce Filet Mignon Flavor Canine Cuisine

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Cesar’s line of uniquely-flavored pet food cuisine includes Gourmet Filets in Sauce Filet Mignon Flavor wet dog food. Cesar’s analysis of this delectable product is that this line of dog foods provides a “twist” on conventional tastes. Formulated to replicate the taste of filet mignon according to Cesar, this succulent product may be the perfectly scrumptious dog food to feed your pet. Cesar’s Gourmet Filets in Sauce Filet Mignon Flavor seems to provide a unique option that is different than other dog food options because of its distinct flavor. Cesar claims that the tender meats soaked in delicious gravy will be satisfactory for even the most picky pets!

Quick Look

Nutritional Content Information

  • Protein 8.0%
  • Fat: 5.0%
  • Fiber 1.00% max
  • Moisture: 82.0% max

Kcal Information – Calories Per Cup

Cesar Gourmet Filets in Sauce Filet Mignon Flavor Canine contains 100 Kcal per 3.5 ounce tray of product.


Cesar Gourmet Filets in Sauce Filet Mignon Flavor Canine costs approximately $23 for a case of 24 3.5 ounce trays of product. The price you pay might vary according to region or other economic factors.

April 29, 2013
Cesar Gourmet Filets in Sauce Filet Mignon Flavor Canine Cuisine


Main Ingredients

  • Sufficient water for processing – This ingredient provides the moisture content for canned and wet-packaged pet foods.
  • Chicken – The muscle meat of chickens, this component provides the core of good nutrition because of its high protein content. Excellent sources of protein, such as chicken, allow pets to sustain active lifestyles.
  • Liver – This internal organ is also beneficial because of its high protein content. Liver is also an excellent source of iron, which is sometimes overlooked in a nutritionally balanced diet.
  • Beef – One of the best sources of protein, beef also includes several important nutrients. B vitamins, zinc, selenium, and iron are all benefits of including beef for a quality diet.
  • Meat by-products – While not solely muscle meat such as pure beef, this ingredient would also include organ meat. However, although not the highest quality of meat available, these by-products are another kind of source of protein and supplements that properly-fed pets require.

Other Ingredients List

  • wheat gluten
  • starch
  • wheat flour
  • pea fiber
  • salt
  • minerals (potassium chloride, zinc sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide)
  • sodium tripolyphosphate
  • added color
  • vitamins (vitamin A, D3, and E supplements, d-calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), biotin)
  • filet mignon flavor
  • guar gum
  • xanthan gum

AAFCO Statement

The manufacturer website associates no AAFCO statement with Cesar Gourmet Filets in Sauce Filet Mignon Flavor Canine Cuisine.

Product Overview

Cesar’s Gourmet Filets in Sauce Filet Mignon Flavor Canine Cuisine claims to offer a unique gourmet option for that special pet. Not only is Cesar’s flavor exquisite, its balanced nutrients and proteins are excellent as well. A member of Cesar’s Gourmet Filets in Sauce line of products, the Filet Mignon Flavor may be beneficial for your dog as a substantial portion of its diet, or as an occasional delicious treat. Knowing how much Filet Mignon-flavored Canine Cuisine to feed your pet may be the biggest challenge! Cesar claims that this line of dog food products is specially catered to satisfy the needs of small to medium dogs. This product represents Cesar’s commitment to provide a unique dining experience for every pet at every meal.

A division of Mars Petcare, Cesar is a pet food company that is associated with the Mars Company, whose affiliates create world-class products like M&Ms, Snickers, and Orbit. The Mars Corporation emphasizes the importance of quality products, scientific research to support pet nutrition and health, and an open-office environment to encourage collaboration in the workplace. Cesar also upholds these standards and practices. Each Cesar product is backed by an emphasis on quality, scientific review of ingredients and nutrition, and open-office approach to workplace cooperation. Mar’s Five Principles provide the basis of quality for affiliates like Cesar: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency, and Freedom. Since 1911, Mars has developed quality products centered on these five principles. Cesar claims to be Mar’s representative for gourmet dog food options, and has maintained this role in the corporation since Cesar’s debut in 1998.


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