Cesar Senior with Chicken and Rice Canine Cuisine

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Senior dogs have special nutritional needs, and this recipe contains extra ingredients to meet the challenge. Healthy meats and extra vitamin and mineral supplementation make this product even more complete than the regular Cesar adult dog food offerings. The Cesar brand is specially designed for smaller breeds and you want to do all you can to ensure for your older small dog an active life for as long as possible. This product has all the convenient feeding features of all Cesar dog foods as well.

Quick Look

Nutritional Content Information

  • Protein 9.0%
  • Fat: 8.0%
  • Fiber 1.00% max
  • Moisture: 80.0% max

Kcal Information – Calories Per Cup

This senior dog food contains 115 Kcal per 3.5 ounce (100 g) tray of product.


Cesar Senior with Chicken and Rice Canine Cuisine costs approximately $23 for a 24 pack of 3.5 ounce trays of product. This comes to $0.96 per tray. The price you pay might vary according to region or other economic factors.

April 30, 2013
Cesar Senior with Chicken and Rice Canine Cuisine


Main Ingredients

  • Meat broth – This is the moisture necessary for processing wet food
  • Chicken – Deboned chicken that provides the protein and nutrition of fresh meat
  • Beef by-products – This is a high protein addition that could include organ meat as well as small bits of flesh leftover from the slaughtering process of cattle
  • Meat by-products – These are by-products from a variety of species
  • Liver – High in protein and vitamins

Other Ingredients List

  • chicken by-products
  • brewers rice
  • natural flavors
  • calcium carbonate
  • dried chicory pulp
  • taurine
  • minerals (potassium chloride, zinc sulfate, manganese sulfate, copper sulfate, potassium iodide)
  • flax seed
  • sodium tripolyphosphate
  • carrageenan
  • vitamins (l-ascorbyl 2-polyphosphate[source vitamin c], dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate [source vitamin e], biotin, d-calcium pantothenate, thiamine mononitrate, vitamin A acetate, d-activated animal sterol [source vitamin D])
  • dried yam
  • added color
  • xanthan gum
  • tomato pomace
  • marigold extract
  • salt
  • erythorbic acid
  • guar gum
  • fish oil (source of omega fatty acids)
  • sodium nitrite (for color retention)

AAFCO Statement

The manufacturer website associates no AAFCO statement with Cesar Senior with Chicken and Rice Canine Cuisine. Please see the glossary for information on the importance of the AAFCO in evaluating the nutritional quality of dog food.

Product Overview

A review of the main ingredients reveal a preponderance of meat-based protein from both meat and animal by-products. While it may be nicer to have named species and whole cuts of meat rather than by-products, these are still good sources of protein and nutrients. By-products are often what is leftover after slaughtering and not included in products for human consumption. This does not make them unfit for use as animal feed, however. There are no vegetable or grain fillers in this food.

Analysis of the rest of the ingredients reveals that this senior recipe seems to have more complete supplementation with regard to vitamins and minerals than the regular Cesar adult formulas. There don’t seem to be chelated minerals, however, which are the kind that are most easily absorbed. Flax seed and fish oil are also included to ensure a proper fatty acid spectrum that is important in the diet of an older pet. The plant-derived thickening agents carrageenan, guar gum, and xanthan gum help to improve the food’s texture. Tomato pomace is considered by some to be a controversial ingredient but it is also a good source of vitamins and the fiber that is especially important for senior dogs.

This food comes in the same small portion trays as the other products in this brand. This makes it very convenient feeding if you have a small dog and slightly less convenient if your pet is more medium-sized. The trays can be placed on the floor and then thrown in the trash or the recycle bin. Feeding guidelines for this senior food suggest 3 trays per day per 10 pounds of body weight. Adjust how much your pet eats if you notice an unhealthy change in his weight, whether a gain or a loss.

The Cesar brand is part of the Mars Petcare family of pet foods, which is a division of Mars Incorporated. This company makes a wide variety of food products for both domestic and international markets. The headquarters for Mars Petcare is located in Franklin, Tennessee, and their pet foods are made in plants across the USA.


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