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From the very first day you receive your new furry friend you want to make certain that your pet eats all the nutritional content that he needs. That is why the Bil Jac brand has carefully analyzed and formulated a quality dry dog food diet that is exclusively for your puppy’s nutritional needs. This healthy formula features exact proportions so that you never have to worry about how much of the “right stuff” you need to feed your growing pet. Veterinarians, owners and pets all attest to the great taste of a bowl of Bil Jac!

Quick Look

Nutritional Content Information

  • Protein 28%
  • Fat: 18%
  • Fiber 4%
  • Moisture: 10%

Kcal Information – Calories Per Cup

kcal/cup is 421.


A 15-lb. bag is about $27.99. A 30-lb bag is around $50.99.

April 26, 2013
Bil Jac Puppy Dry Dog Food


Main Ingredients

  • Chicken by-product – The manufacturer specifies “organ meat only” in the description of this ingredient. The manufacturer also describes this source of protein as very fresh.
  • Chicken – The manufacturer lists their chicken as quality raw material. This is a good source of protein and amino acids.
  • Corn – Most pets love the added taste of corn in a dog food recipe.
  • Chicken by-products – Usually chicken by-product meal is concentrated and therefore can contain more protein content than fresh chicken.
  • Dried beet pulp – Beet pulp is a good source of fiber.

Other Ingredients List

  • brewers dried yeast
  • cane molasses
  • egg product
  • salt
  • sodium propionate
  • dl-methionine
  • l-lysine
  • vitamin A acetate
  • vitamin D3 supplement
  • vitamin E supplement
  • riboflavin supplement
  • niacin
  • biotin
  • choline chloride
  • folic acid
  • thiamine mononitrate
  • pyridoxine hydrochloride
  • ascorbic acid
  • vitamin B12 supplement
  • D-calcium pantothenate
  • manganous oxide
  • inositol, BHA
  • ferrous sulfate
  • copper sulfate
  • zinc oxide
  • cobalt carbonate
  • potassium iodide
  • sodium selenite

AAFCO Statement

Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that Bil Jac Puppy Dry Dog Food provides complete and balanced nutrition for All Life Stages.

Product Overview

Bil Jac Puppy Dry Dog Food is made and manufactured by Kelly Foods. The ingredient in the Bil-Jac Large Breed Select have been carefully selected and formulated in order to meet all the standards for raising a growing and hungry puppy. One of the most important aspect for muscular development and strength is a great source of protein content. That is why this particular recipe contains so many sources of quality protein. Not to mention that this diet is also naturally sourced and comes with guaranteed levels of glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate for your pet’s health and well being.
Your dog will love the flavor of the Bil Jac puppy formula. This puppy blend has been specially manufactured with the needs of a growing pet in mind. This recipe is made with smaller kibble pieces so that your pet can easily chew and digest every bite. And these ingredients contain a great amount of amino acids Arginine—which boosts your pet’s immunity—and Methionine—which aids your puppy’s body in building a strong immune system. Not to mention that with these ingredients you should notice that your pet is growing a shiny and healthy coat. Your puppy will have softer skin, brighter eyes, increased activity, improved muscle tone and, believe it or not, a smaller & firmer stool—a sign that he’s getting all the vital nutrients he needs.

Bill Jac’s dog food is unique in its approach to your pet’s protein needs. Since your dog is a carnivore and loves to eat protein packed foods, Bil-Jac provides a great variety of fresh chicken protein in his diet that cant be found in any other dry dog food available. You will be amazed at how much protein your puppy needs! That is why the manufacturers begin by using a great deal of the best chicken and chicken organ meat in order to provide the healthiest option for your dog’s diet.

It is best if Bil-Jac Puppy Super Premium Dry Dog Food is fed on a scheduled and controlled basis in order to regulate your puppy’s eating and digestion habits. For weaning puppies (3.5 to 4.5-weeks), it is best to moisten Bil-Jac Puppy Super Premium Dry Dog Food with warm water. After weaning and up to 6-months of age dogs can be fed up to three times a day, and once your pet reaches 6-months, strive for a twice daily feeding schedule. Of course, the optimal amount to feed will vary according to age, environment and activity of your puppy, and it is good to adjust your puppy’s intake accordingly in order to maintain a healthy weight. Fresh water should be kept available especially during feeding time. Store this bag in a cool, dry place to ensure the best quality. Help your puppy become as big and strong with this source of fresh and quality ingredients!


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