Bil-Jac offers real-meat dog foods for optimum nutrition

Bil-Jac advertises that its products are made with real fresh chicken, stating that dogs are designed to be carnivores and ought to maintain a meat diet. The company’s unique manufacturing process is designed to keep processing heat lower, reducing the damage to nutrients such as amino acids. Recognizing that grain ingredients are a controversial source of protein, Bil-Jac avoids all grain protein concentrates or grain gluten meals. The company states that it is more concerned with the nutrition of individual pets than with using inexpensive ingredients to obtain label guarantees.

Bil Jac - Chicken, Low Fat
Reduced Fat Dry Dog Food
Price: $15.99(6 lbs), 26.99(15 lbs), $46.99(30 lbs)
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Bil Jac - Chicken, Corn, Dried Beet Pulp
Large Breed Select Dry Dog Food
Price: $27.99(15 lbs), $50.99(30 lbs)
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Bil Jac - Chicken & Corn Meal
Bil-Jac Select Dry Dog Food
Price: $15.99 (6lbs), $29.99 (15lbs ), $50.99 (30lbs)
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Bil Jac - Chicken & Oatmeal
Large Breed Puppy Dry Dog Food
Price: 15 lbs. - $28.99. 30lbs - $54.99
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Bil Jac - Chicken & Corn
Puppy Dry Dog Food
Price: 15lbs - $27.99. 30-lbs - $50.99.
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The manufacturer emphasizes that its formula includes only natural fat, high quality protein due to using fresh real chicken. Its carbohydrates are asserted to be used for nutrition rather than fillers. In addition, the slow-cooking process that Bil-Jac uses for its corn meal is supposed to be more digestible than the standard flash-cooked corn. Overall, Bil-Jac states that its product offers an easy to digest diet with a great taste.

Bil-Jac: A family business
Bil-Jac Foods Inc. was founded in 1947 by brothers Bill and Jack Kelly. Desiring to improve pet nutrition, the brothers established a company that focused on providing a fresh product in order to maintain the highest level of nutrition. Bil-Jac originally sold a frozen dog food in order to keep it safe and fresh during delivery. This first formula was the company’s only product sold for close to thirty years.

Due to significant levels of customer demand, Bill Kelly began to explore the possibility of producing a dry dog food in addition to the fresh frozen food. Several years of testing resulted in a vacuum-drying process that maintained the nutritional value of the meat while removing the moisture. Bil-Jac feels that this process, which operates at a much lower temperature than traditional meat-rendering options, offers a higher quality ingredient for its products. Bil-Jac chooses less traditional forms of marketing

Bil-Jac chooses less traditional forms of marketing
While many companies invest large sums of money in promoting their products, Bil-Jac chooses to fly in the face of current marketing strategies and experts by focusing on manufacturing and allowing word-of-mouth advertising to promote the results. One of the many ways that the company accomplishes this goal is by encouraging a comparison test with potential customers. The manufacturer challenges pet owners to offer two equal small amounts of Bil-Jac food and the dog’s typical food at the pet’s feeding time and allow the pet to taste test and select its preference.

Bil-Jac is used by a variety of pet owners
Word-of-mouth advertising has proven effective in alerting pet owners, breeders, pet retailers, and show enthusiasts of the existence of Bil-Jac dog food products. One well-known customer is Birds & Animals Unlimited, which is located in Lake Forest, California. This company provides animal coordination services and training for those working within the entertainment industry. The owner feeds exclusively with Bil-Jac products and has trained animal stars in movies such as “Homeward Bound II” and “101 Dalmatians.”

Types of Bil Jac Dog Food Products: