In Depth Review and Analysis of all Avoderm Dog Food Products

The AvoDerm dog food brand is intended to be one of the premier names in dog food.

Largely holistic in its approach to manufacturing and design, AvoDerm dog food is intended to be one of the premier names in dog food manufacturing in relation to nutrition and overall pet health. As you will read below, AvoDerm's reputation was founded in nutrition, and its reputation for exceptional dog food continues to this day. AvoDerm is noted for its use of avocadoes in most of its pet food more.

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Avoderm Dog Foods for Small Breeeds

Avoderm - Chicken, Brown Rice
Natural Small Breed Puppy Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food
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Avoderm - Chicken, Brown Rice, Oatmeal
Natural Small Breed Adult Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Formula Dry Dog Food
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AvoDerm History
Introduced in 1947, Breeder's Choice pet food was first noted as an innovator when it introduced frozen pet food to the marketplace. From the 1960s on, the company focused on creating dog food products with nutritional value far above its competitors.

AvoDerm was launched as an offshoot of Breeder's Choice in 1982. Since that time, AvoDerm pet food has remained one of the premier names in pet nutrition.

AvoDerm Products
Featuring a selection of dry and canned dog food for all life stages, AvoDerm's product selection is specialized and unique. Its triple protein formula provides extra doses of protein, while its original formula wet food contains proteins designed for dogs with specific protein sensitivities.

In addition, the AvoDerm line includes a large selection of doggie treats. AvoDerm treats are oven baked, continuing the oven—baked AvoDerm tradition in order to preserve the nutritional content in the treat.

AvoDerm's Nutritional Value
It is in the nutritional arena that AvoDerm really shines. Its ingredients list reads like a holistic dog food wish list. AvoDerm contains no wheat or corn, which are controversial dog food ingredients often criticized as being simple fillers. The grain content in AvoDerm dog foods are also unique: brown rice, rice bran, flaxseed, and alfalfa are present.

No AvoDerm review would be complete without referencing avocado. This ingredient was added by chance in the early 1980s, and is truly a unique selling point for this dog food manufacturer. The company believes avocado provides canines with healthy, beautiful skin and fur for long term health.

Use of Avocado Meal
Some controversy has arisen regarding the use of avocado in AvoDerm and other dog food products. The ASPCA put out a news alert stating that Guatemalen Avocado may be toxic to canines. However, the ASPCA qualified its statement, saying it could not specifically write off any brand of dog food as unhealthy. Some studies have linked avocado consumption to heart failures in dogs. However, it is likely that avocados have detrimental effects on dog health only when consumed in excess.

Holistic Manufacturing
AvoDerm's approach to manufacturing its pet food products is largely holistic. The company avoids the trappings of common mass-market dog food manufacturing, positioning itself against its competitors by using all-natural ingredients and avoiding fillers. As a result, AvoDerm continues to enjoy its reputation as a dog food manufacturer of the highest order.